top // stüssy     jacket // f21     skirt // c/o cndirect     necklace // h&m 

Finally hopped onto the bandwagon and got these zara skorts! Okay well, kind of. I still couldn't bear to slap down a 50 for them, so I got a dupe instead! But I think I'll be purchasing the real ones soon since they're a nicer quality. 

Pushing myself through this last week of school before spring break! Not much of a break though, considering all the homework and studying I'll be doing. Comes with being a teenager I suppose. 

I've also made it a life goal to go to Coachella at least once before I die. 
Speaking of concerts, there's been a lot going on lately-namely, the 5sos concert this past Saturday at the Wiltern. I wasn't able to attend, and fun fact, I actually started crying in the car watching live concert videos wow fun. 

If you guys are planning to go to a concert anytime soon, be sure to check out my new video on it! It's honestly one of my favorite videos that I've made to date(: 

Hope you guys are having a great day! What are you planning to do over break?(: Or what did you do?

xx shirley


It's Not Labor Day

d r e s s // forever21     s w e a t e r // tjmaxx     h a t // forever21     s o c k s // pacsun

It's been a while since I wore all-white...well, almost all-white. I fell in love with this dress from NastyGal, but then found an almost exact dupe from Forever21! 

I'm going away for Spring Break, but I'm actually more nervous than excited. AP Testing is a few weeks after, so I'll have to study on the trip, but hopefully I'll pass all of my tests! Wish me luck!

How are you guys doing? Let me know(:

xx shirley


Now or Never

r o m p e r // c/o persunmall       c a r d i g a n // tillys       s h o e s // nine west

This is quite possibly my new favorite romper. And I have a grand total of one romper. Which is this one...you get the point.
Also-my camera did a wonky thing and made this playsuit seem a lot more vibrant than it really is. It's actually a dark burgundy color. 

It's almost the end of 3rd quarter and I feel like my brain is about to explode because I'm frantically trying to raise all of my grades up and prepare for AP tests. I've never felt so much pressure and been so afraid my entire life. I feel like...this is it. My make it or break it point for college. 

With that being said, I'm off to study again. 
(can't wait for the day where I don't have to end a post like that)

stay safe and don't forget to smile today(:
xx shirley