The Last of Winter

Coat: Mom's  /  Blouse: Forever 21  /  Pants: Forever 21  /  Shoes: Sam Edelman (Ross)  /  Necklace: don't remember :(
Photography by Mindy H.

Unfortunately (or fortunately), it's still snowing and freezing cold where most of you guys live. I'm currently sweating in 90 degree weather and trying to think of outfits that contain the least amount of material, but still appropriate for school. Oh, the California struggle.
I decided to bring back this outfit that I never ended up posting seeing as it's still appropriate for many :) I paired a super cute and warm plaid coat over a monochromatic outfit. I absolutely loved this and it definitely kept me warm!

Also, isn't the sky just beautiful? Sunsets are honestly my favorite time of day. I call this sky the "rainbow sky". For obvious reasons.


Tree Climber

Sweater: Forever 21 (gift)  /  Skirt: c.o Lucky 21  /  Shoes: Report (Ross)  /  Bag: Ross

These pictures were actually taken when I went to visit the Occidental College campus! At the time, I was planning to apply and attend, but I decided not to. I loved the campus but it didn't have a major that I potentially wanted to get into (Communication). It's a beautiful school though!! It was also the set of Clueless, which, I KNOW. I was internally freaking out. 
Also don't my eyelashes look LONG!??!?!
Update on Senior Year: I think I've officially caught Senioritis. Honestly though, it's pretty amazing how long I've held out. School has just gotten to be so boring and such a routine that I'm finding it hard to hold interest in it. Well, only 3 or so more months to go!!