Dress: Forever 21  /  Sweater: c/o cndirect  /  Leather Jacket: c/o The Style Club LA  /  Shoes: c/o The Style Club LA

My brother helped me film this look for my Fall Lookbook that's coming up! Too bad that I actually filmed an outfit that was this EXACT THING (except for the top) a month ago. I know. Wonderful.

This outfit kind of evokes Senior Year. Black and dark is the majority of the outfit to show the death of my high school career, and the white shows my still innocent soul. I took it in a forest-y like area (green), to show the growth that I have gone through. The light from the sign is bright and shows goodness. (:
Okay that may be pushing it, but if you were wondering what AP Literature is like, that's pretty much it.

How did you guys manage to survive your senior year of high school?



Top: Brandy Melville  /  Lace Cardigan: Ross  /  Boyfriend Jeans: Forever 21  /  Shoes: Report 
I may be looking fly as heck, but let me tell ya...these jeans were a STRUGGLE. Literally the most uncomfortable pair of jeans that I own, but I sucked it up because HEY they're cute, alright?

Great news though! I managed to get out of my youtube funk and am so excited for you guys to see the next video I'm going to film. Thank you so much for your suggestions though! Will definitely use them(:

 Also, is anyone else stoked for the Alexander Wang x H&M collection like wow, YES I will be first in line for that.